We are so excited that you have involved your first step to plan your next African journey! One choice does not suit all when you are scheduling a trip! At Imani Excursions we’ve made our status on the particular associations that we have been able to grow with our customers more than years. Imani Excursions standing for excellence is made every day by bringing the key service and bespoke courtesy.

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6 days Umbwe Route
Cheetah+Sunbathing Imani Excurions

No Worries, relax,WE KNOW AFRICA

Your complete accomplishment is only amongst our lines. We prefer your tour experience to be unforgettable. We self-importance ourselves in making sole, ideal holiday experiences. We are specialists in wildlife safaris, cultural tours, biking adventure as well as beach holidays all being either family vacations, all-inclusive vacations, honeymoons, and groups.

Kilimanjaro climbing safari

We take you to the Roof of Africa

The Kilimanjaro Mountain is awaiting, Let's climb together

Then to the African Jungle

Visit Tanzania, is blessed with various point of attractions than any country on the planet

8 Days Pemba-Island

And finally Relax on the Beach shores

Zanzibar’s shoreline provides some of the finest coasts in the world.

Imani Excursions puts clients first, by empathizing with their desires, budget, time frame and individual preferences. With us, the tour is so much more than only doing a booking, it’s all about being capable to make holidays out the expectations, and one that you, your family and your friends will never, ever forget!